Do this steps to get MAXIMUM airdrop for free:

1. Connect your wallet in Enter the Data-to-Earn Era: SOUL Drop Campaign powered by CARV:

2. Mint Carv ID. You will need to swap 0,003BNB or more from BSC BNB to opBNB. Use bridge and do it here:

3. After Carv ID minted, you can collect SOUL's in 4 different places.

You should collect them all daily to get maximum airdrop. Ronin aidrop is smalles but gasless. In opBNB, zkSync Era and Linea is supersmall network fee.
Ronin: Just click and you get free SOUL


zkSync Era: TopUp your account with zkSync Era (ETH) here:


Don't forget to collect your airdrop tokens every day! After campaign ends, you will be able to swap SOUL to Carv.

Aevo is huge new project which announced incoming airdrops. Token isn't listed yet so this is huge opportunity to get massive airdrop!

There is 2 way to get Aevo tokens now: Staking FUSD or BNB in Binance Launchpool to get Aevo tokens. Or log in here:

and trade in their platform. Then more you trade, then bigger boost you get to your airdrop! Value is currently unknown, but this can be very valuable airdrop, so look good opportunities to trade and get big airdrop!

Deposit at least 100$ and get 25$ trading credit. To get all benefits, you must use link in up.

In Solana chain will be a lot airdrops during 2024. Big expectations are in marginfi.

Stake, swap, bridge, lend etc. Everything in one platform. You can also collect points and refer friends. Big recommendation to do different stuff in

to get involved to as many SOL airdrops as is possible. Do not miss this!

Stride regularly uploads snapshots of all stTIA, stATOM, and stOSMO holders to make it simple for projects to airdrop to these tokens.

IQ50 Solana airdrop

You have 4 ways to receive $IQ50 airdrops:
1.Connect your Twitter, follow @bakery_swap and @IQ50BeRichIf your account is Twitter Blue, you can get 1M - 3M $IQ50; if not, you can get 20K $IQ50.
2.Own a Solana MobileEach of the 117,497 Solana Mobile holders will receive 800K $IQ50 tokens (94B $IQ50 in Total).

3.Bridge $1CAT to 1CAT ChainFor every $1CAT bridged, you will receive 100 $IQ50 tokens. 1CAT Points holders will also get an additional amount of $IQ50 tokens.